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How To Customize Your Chocolate Diamond Ring

One of the best ways to ensure that your diamond is made to be “forever”, is through customization. However you can’t just customize your ring in any manner, some serious thought and consideration should be given to your chocolate diamond rings design.

Digital Marketing: A Beginners Guide

Digital marketing though one term, encompasses a host of practices which further can be broken down into even smaller components. The wide range of rules and tactics involved can make the digital marketing arena look daunting and formidable.

5 Ways To Minimize Email Attrition Rate

It is better to have a clear and double-opt list where a person can have his email verified and be interested at the same time. Double-opts allow subscribers to confirm their subscription; statistics on digitaldoughnut show double-opting list increases list size by 51.3

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Staying fit is not an option rather a necessity. With the growing trend of being fit and in shape, an endless number of people are seen downloading different fitness apps and joining gym programs to get back in shape. While working out in your own capacity or home gives you ultimate ease and convenience, it might hinder your progress if you do not have any proper fitness program that you follow.

A safe, effective and complete fitness program is necessary to help you achieve your fitness goals in a much faster and efficient manner. A complete program includes several different components that must be present in order to make the program a wholesome one. However, there are 3 essential elements that stand above the rest. These include:

  1. Aerobic Exercise

Making your heart beat faster and pumping up your pulse rate, aerobic exercise is the best way to shed some pounds and work on establishing your stamina. Although in the starting the exercise will come off as extremely difficult because of the less stamina, it will tend to build up as you keep on doing it. Aerobic exercise is also excellent for heart health, an amazing anti-depressant and a remarkable de-stressor. This must be a part of every fitness program to ensure that you achieve your goals faster. Some fitness apps also offer aerobic exercise and their tracking to help you keep up with the fitness program.

  1. Weight Training

Resistance training is very crucial to increase muscle strength, to increase the endurance of the muscle, to establish mass without fat and maintain mineral density of the bone. Many fitness apps also offer resistance training to be done at home if going to the gym is not an option. Resistance training is a prerequisite for toning. Resistance training in men and women differ only in the sense that their bodies respond to the changes differently because of the changed testosterone levels in the body.

  1. Balanced Nutrition

Even if you want to shed pounds and tone your body, you can’t simply leave eating everything because you are what you eat. The key is to construct your fitness program in a way that the food you eat doesn’t add to your weight but provide proper and balanced nutrients to the body. You are more likely to achieve your fitness goals quicker if you are taking a balanced and nutritious diet. Experts recommend taking a fixed quantity of carbs, fats, and proteins each day with carbs and fats being the lowest. The carbs you take in a day can easily be burned off by vigorous exercising.


Boost App Download Via Influencer Marketing

Mobile app industry of today is showing strong signs of growth, it means the competition is going to get higher. In this situation, standing out amongst competitors will become highly difficult – certainly not for app marketers with smart and newer strategies. One of the smartest marketing strategy that has always worked and surely going to work in future as well is Influencer Marketing.

Over the past few years, it has become highly prevalent techniques – brought success to several companies. Compared to other traditional types of marketing, influencer marketing is considered reliable by potential customers. Lot of people are open to trying out something new, if it’s recommended by some social influencer.


Defining Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a technique where “influencers” use their blog, social media channels, website or all three of them to promote a product or service. You can make this technique an important part of your mobile app marketing plan. It will help you market your app to thousands or even millions of people. With correct execution, it can do wonders!


Influencer Marketing can Benefit your App – Know How!

Effective Reach

Most influencers have specific type of followers, which is good for you as you would be able to spread awareness and promote your app in front of market that most likely want to download your app.  For instance, you will choose a fitness blogger/v-logger if your app is related to health and fitness.

According to recent statistics, around 74% of people turn to social media before buying any product or service. Finding an effective influence for your app can be very pleasing and worthwhile.

Credibility and Trust Building   

Influencers have already put so much hard work to build trusted and credible relationship with their followers. Your app automatically becomes credible when it is marketed by correct influencers. Statistics show that 92% of the consumers buy on influencer’s recommendation and not the brand itself.

Influencer marketing is slightly relatable to celebrity endorsement but there is difference between both.  A good influencer will take out time, try your and app and give genuine and unscripted guide to followers to add value to their lives, whereas the scenario is different in celebrity endorsement.

Selecting Dead-on Influencer

While looking for an influencer, make sure he/she has interest in your app. Before knowing target audience of the influencer, know your audience. Once you have known your market, you would be able to find dead-on influencer. Do not choose an influencer only because he/she has more number of followers, do your investigation, see engagement of the influencer with the subscribers by checking out the comments. Also, don’t hesitate to ask the influencer about information as it will help you make a better decision.

Is it an Expensive Choice?

The cost of the hiring an influencer differ greatly, however it doesn’t mean this is out of budget technique. If you have a small app to promote, you can use a less well known influencer or micro influencer and vice versa. The aim is to make people download your app and talk about your app.

How To Customize Your Chocolate Diamond Ring

One of the best ways to ensure that your diamond is made to be “forever”, is through customization. However you can’t just customize your ring in any manner, some serious thought and consideration should be given to your chocolate diamond rings design. In this post, we will be highlighting some of the best methods to customize your chocolate diamond ring for whatever occasion it may be for!

Learn from your peers

Your considered lucky if you have any family member or any friends whom recently got married. Review their wedding ring selection and learn what made the groom select such ring? Was there any personal qualities associated to the qualities or characteristics of the ring? Verify the color theme combination that is associated to the ring. Selecting a chocolate diamond ring is easy, but matching it with the right personality requires careful decision making.

Chocolates with style!

Having the brand “chocolate diamond ring”, brings a special touch to your diamond. Many people are unaware of the fact that chocolate diamonds are nothing but common brown-diamonds which has a coloration of a slight golden-hue tint to its material. Normally a diamond of that sort of tint are classed as C-5 and above. If such diamond element is sold by Le Vian, then it is coined as chocolate diamond. Le Vian offers a vast diversity of different types of diamond cuts for your precious chocolate diamond rock.
Le Vian uses many different styles of cuts to personalize your chocolate diamond wedding ring! An example of some of the most demanded styles of cuts are shown in the image below;


(Diamonds are best cut in Round and Pear shape cuts, however Pink Diamonds specifically are commonly served in an Emerald style cut. – Image Accredited by: ABlueDiamond)

Gem Coloration

Nothing adds-more of a personalized tone than adding an association of colorful gem stones to your chocolate diamond ring. Decorate your chocolate diamond wedding ring with a hint of colorful gem stones to add abstractions and contrast. Make your ring look like a delicious candy desert that will last for a life time!

Silver or Gold?

Just because it is gold, doesn’t mean that it will look good! Determining the different elements in which are to be associate to your chocolate diamond ring is one of the most important aspects of customizing your ring. Sometimes silver looks better than gold, but in most wedding rings, a 14k strawberry gold should bring about a wondrous appearance to your customized chocolate diamond wedding ring. Silver elements tends to blend greatly with colorful gems like ruby(s) however when it comes to diamond, especially a chocolate diamond, pink and strawberry gold looks harmonious with each other.

A little bit of Imagination

Sometimes imagination can sure do us justice when you are hunting for the perfect design set for your wedding ring. If you have pre-designed a chocolate diamond ring, imagine what it would look like for that person to wear the customized precious rock. Determine if the person would prefer to wear the ring or not. Will it suit that person? Sometimes the skin-pigmentation can play a major role on how the jewelry piece would look like and sometimes both the combination of the skin-pigmentation and clothing coloration can be a major aspect to determining the final decision of such design and element association.