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How To Customize Your Chocolate Diamond Ring

One of the best ways to ensure that your diamond is made to be “forever”, is through customization. However you can’t just customize your ring in any manner, some serious thought and consideration should be given to your chocolate diamond rings design.

Digital Marketing: A Beginners Guide

Digital marketing though one term, encompasses a host of practices which further can be broken down into even smaller components. The wide range of rules and tactics involved can make the digital marketing arena look daunting and formidable.

5 Ways To Minimize Email Attrition Rate

It is better to have a clear and double-opt list where a person can have his email verified and be interested at the same time. Double-opts allow subscribers to confirm their subscription; statistics on digitaldoughnut show double-opting list increases list size by 51.3

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How To Customize Your Chocolate Diamond Ring

One of the best ways to ensure that your diamond is made to be “forever”, is through customization. However you can’t just customize your ring in any manner, some serious thought and consideration should be given to your chocolate diamond rings design. In this post, we will be highlighting some of the best methods to customize your chocolate diamond ring for whatever occasion it may be for!

Learn from your peers

Your considered lucky if you have any family member or any friends whom recently got married. Review their wedding ring selection and learn what made the groom select such ring? Was there any personal qualities associated to the qualities or characteristics of the ring? Verify the color theme combination that is associated to the ring. Selecting a chocolate diamond ring is easy, but matching it with the right personality requires careful decision making.

Chocolates with style!

Having the brand “chocolate diamond ring”, brings a special touch to your diamond. Many people are unaware of the fact that chocolate diamonds are nothing but common brown-diamonds which has a coloration of a slight golden-hue tint to its material. Normally a diamond of that sort of tint are classed as C-5 and above. If such diamond element is sold by Le Vian, then it is coined as chocolate diamond. Le Vian offers a vast diversity of different types of diamond cuts for your precious chocolate diamond rock.
Le Vian uses many different styles of cuts to personalize your chocolate diamond wedding ring! An example of some of the most demanded styles of cuts are shown in the image below;


(Diamonds are best cut in Round and Pear shape cuts, however Pink Diamonds specifically are commonly served in an Emerald style cut. – Image Accredited by: ABlueDiamond)

Gem Coloration

Nothing adds-more of a personalized tone than adding an association of colorful gem stones to your chocolate diamond ring. Decorate your chocolate diamond wedding ring with a hint of colorful gem stones to add abstractions and contrast. Make your ring look like a delicious candy desert that will last for a life time!

Silver or Gold?

Just because it is gold, doesn’t mean that it will look good! Determining the different elements in which are to be associate to your chocolate diamond ring is one of the most important aspects of customizing your ring. Sometimes silver looks better than gold, but in most wedding rings, a 14k strawberry gold should bring about a wondrous appearance to your customized chocolate diamond wedding ring. Silver elements tends to blend greatly with colorful gems like ruby(s) however when it comes to diamond, especially a chocolate diamond, pink and strawberry gold looks harmonious with each other.

A little bit of Imagination

Sometimes imagination can sure do us justice when you are hunting for the perfect design set for your wedding ring. If you have pre-designed a chocolate diamond ring, imagine what it would look like for that person to wear the customized precious rock. Determine if the person would prefer to wear the ring or not. Will it suit that person? Sometimes the skin-pigmentation can play a major role on how the jewelry piece would look like and sometimes both the combination of the skin-pigmentation and clothing coloration can be a major aspect to determining the final decision of such design and element association.




How To Make Up To $1000 A Month Delivering Stuff

Wouldn’t you like a side hustle to help you earn extra bucks and increase your income? You definitely would.

With the introduction of numerous delivery app jobs, it has become a lot easier to earn money and support your bank account to be able to live a lavish lifestyle. Taking up a side hustle proves to be the best way when you are looking for quick money to get off debt fast or finance your education. While your reasons may differ, earning $1000 per month seems like a dream everyone aims to achieve. There are plenty of side prospects available that can allow you to earn up to $1000 per month on top of your income only by delivering different stuff.

Are you unsure which one to choose amidst the numerus delivery app jobs? Have a look at our below prepared list and start earning today.

  • Postmates

This economy delivery service pays its deliverers $25 per hour. Anyone who requires a shipment is matched with Postmates. The deliverer will then go to the place to buy the shipment, whether restaurant, store or wine shop, etc., buy the product and deliver it to the buyer. The best part of signing up with Postmates is that they don’t require any specific year or make of vehicle.

  • Udely

A map integrated service that allows customers to get anything delivered to their doorstep. The stuff can range from food, clothing, alcohol, gifts, etc. Unlike other delivery app jobs, Udely doesn’t have any requirements. You get to become your own boss and get paid for the deliveries that you perform. Udely offers great flexibility and deliverers get to select their own working schedule.

  • Instacart

People use this delivery service to get grocery delivered to their homes. It has become very famous in a short amount of time. At Instacart, workers are classified as independent contractors.

  • DoorDash

Another on-demand food delivery app where deliverers buy food from a restaurant and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep in a given amount of time. Deliverers are paid as much as $25/hour just by delivering food to customers. DoorDash also allows the deliverers to keep every tip that they receive to themselves.

  • UberEat

UberEat provides food to the customers who order from mobile phones. The order is given to the nearest driver who picks up the food and deliver it to the customer. Uber pays $8-$12/hour to the drivers.

Best time to deliver:

As per different researches, the best time to carry out delivery app jobs is between 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. During these hours, the delivery volume is the highest.

These delivery app jobs will earn you between $15 to $40 per hour to deliver goods. Register yourself today with any of the delivery apps and start earning good amount of money every day. With little requirements and greater flexibility, these delivery app jobs will buck up your bank account and are easy to do.

Importance of a prototype in mobile app development

A mobile app prototype is an important step in the process of building an app; one that many developers make the mistake of skipping. Here’s why you most definitely should create a prototype:

  • Helps you assess your app

If you are an Android app developer working for someone on a contract, you will particularly recognize the importance of a prototype. It will be the client’s first look at what their app is going to look like. You and the client will be able to test the apps features and get a good idea of what to expect in the end.

This way, the client’s expectations about the app will be in line with yours; there will be no room for misunderstandings.

If the prototype gets approved, it can be further worked on to produce the final product.

  • Identifies obstacle

Since the prototype will be a working, interactive model of the app, the Android app development company will be able to identify any mistakes and errors that should be rectified early on. It is far less costly to rectify mistakes in a prototype than it is to do so in the end product.

Moreover, at this stage, the team can still brainstorm and add in new ideas to further improve the original design as they deem fit.

  • Better clarity

Through a prototype, everyone on the team can be on the same page. The prototype will show you how the app functions; what was theory previously will be reality now. With all your team members having a good idea of the workings of the app, they will be able to give feedback and collaborate better. In fact, many of the popular prototyping platforms recognize the importance of seamless communication and provide tools for the Android App designer team to do so.

  • Funds

Developing an app is an expensive investment. People need to have an idea of what they will be investing in. A prototype will help you in convincing the client of your ability and eventually releasing the funds.

It will reduce any and all uncertainties for both the client and the developer, and provide an affirmation of the final product.

Tools for prototyping

Mobile app prototyping can be done with the tools like the following two:

  1. Justinmind:

This tool works for both iOS and Android apps; particularly capable of featuring complex and sophisticated apps that contain a lot of features. It is user friendly, and gives excellent results.

  1. Invision:

This tool too, works for iOS and Android apps. The best things about it are not the exclusive features – but the continuous updates it gets. It provides an easy communication and feedback channel to developers.