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Importance of a prototype in mobile app development

A mobile app prototype is an important step in the process of building an app; one that many developers make the mistake of skipping. Here’s why you most definitely should create a prototype:

  • Helps you assess your app

If you are an Android app developer working for someone on a contract, you will particularly recognize the importance of a prototype. It will be the client’s first look at what their app is going to look like. You and the client will be able to test the apps features and get a good idea of what to expect in the end.

This way, the client’s expectations about the app will be in line with yours; there will be no room for misunderstandings.

If the prototype gets approved, it can be further worked on to produce the final product.

  • Identifies obstacle

Since the prototype will be a working, interactive model of the app, the Android app development company will be able to identify any mistakes and errors that should be rectified early on. It is far less costly to rectify mistakes in a prototype than it is to do so in the end product.

Moreover, at this stage, the team can still brainstorm and add in new ideas to further improve the original design as they deem fit.

  • Better clarity

Through a prototype, everyone on the team can be on the same page. The prototype will show you how the app functions; what was theory previously will be reality now. With all your team members having a good idea of the workings of the app, they will be able to give feedback and collaborate better. In fact, many of the popular prototyping platforms recognize the importance of seamless communication and provide tools for the Android App designer team to do so.

  • Funds

Developing an app is an expensive investment. People need to have an idea of what they will be investing in. A prototype will help you in convincing the client of your ability and eventually releasing the funds.

It will reduce any and all uncertainties for both the client and the developer, and provide an affirmation of the final product.

Tools for prototyping

Mobile app prototyping can be done with the tools like the following two:

  1. Justinmind:

This tool works for both iOS and Android apps; particularly capable of featuring complex and sophisticated apps that contain a lot of features. It is user friendly, and gives excellent results.

  1. Invision:

This tool too, works for iOS and Android apps. The best things about it are not the exclusive features – but the continuous updates it gets. It provides an easy communication and feedback channel to developers.

Create Aesthetic Images For Your Social Media Ad Campaign

Visual content has a high engagement rate and marketers are aware of this. They have been employing imagery for paid social ads and other marketing efforts, for quite some time now.

But what works and what doesn’t? How can you create striking images for your Facebook marketing campaign?

Here are the tools you can use to create the most aesthetic images:


With good reviews such as “totally revamped our marketing”, anyone would get curious to see what the fuss is about.

So we did.

This free graphic design tool is great for those with no prior knowledge. Anyone can design an image without any technical knowledge.

The tool has features that are extremely user-friendly. It even lets you preset image size especially for social media platforms like Facebook.

You can get down to creating impressive facebook ads graphics in absolutely no time!

Canva offers exceptional support by providing a slew of self-help tutorials if you do ever get stuck.

pixlr editor

The online photo editor offers two web apps for you to work on. No download or software installation is required.

Quoting TechRadar, pixlr editor is “the closest thing to Photoshop in your browser.” Quite rightly too since it has many Photoshop-like features.

This editor is free and has an extensive palette that you can find on the left side of your screen. The tools available are further customizable.

You have the option of both manually editing each aspect of your image, or just letting the automatic tool do its work.


Photoshop CC

Trusty Photoshop is software that has stood for decades and has always proven is worth.

If you intend to make some serious graphics as a part of a long-term campaign, Photoshop may be your ultimate solution.  The software is not free, but you do definitely get your money’s worth.

PS is complex and offers an array of enhancement options that enable you to bring to life any idea you want for your ad campaign.

However, note this: prior knowledge and skills are required to use Photoshop, so you might be well off hiring a Facebook agency and let them do the image creation for you.


With an easy to use and straightforward interface, the software is free to download. It is particularly useful for vivifying somber and lackluster photos.

This tool will be more useful for you if you intend to use it for some quirky editing. For example, the fun stickers and seasonal greetings are useful if you want to put in some cute animation.
Its beautifying tools like the teeth whitening and makeup option can pass as convincing if used sensibly.

This editor too supports social media platforms so you don’t have to worry about resizing your images.


These were our picks for image editors. Which one do you like best?