Staying fit is not an option rather a necessity. With the growing trend of being fit and in shape, an endless number of people are seen downloading different fitness apps and joining gym programs to get back in shape. While working out in your own capacity or home gives you ultimate ease and convenience, it might hinder your progress if you do not have any proper fitness program that you follow.

A safe, effective and complete fitness program is necessary to help you achieve your fitness goals in a much faster and efficient manner. A complete program includes several different components that must be present in order to make the program a wholesome one. However, there are 3 essential elements that stand above the rest. These include:

  1. Aerobic Exercise

Making your heart beat faster and pumping up your pulse rate, aerobic exercise is the best way to shed some pounds and work on establishing your stamina. Although in the starting the exercise will come off as extremely difficult because of the less stamina, it will tend to build up as you keep on doing it. Aerobic exercise is also excellent for heart health, an amazing anti-depressant and a remarkable de-stressor. This must be a part of every fitness program to ensure that you achieve your goals faster. Some fitness apps also offer aerobic exercise and their tracking to help you keep up with the fitness program.

  1. Weight Training

Resistance training is very crucial to increase muscle strength, to increase the endurance of the muscle, to establish mass without fat and maintain mineral density of the bone. Many fitness apps also offer resistance training to be done at home if going to the gym is not an option. Resistance training is a prerequisite for toning. Resistance training in men and women differ only in the sense that their bodies respond to the changes differently because of the changed testosterone levels in the body.

  1. Balanced Nutrition

Even if you want to shed pounds and tone your body, you can’t simply leave eating everything because you are what you eat. The key is to construct your fitness program in a way that the food you eat doesn’t add to your weight but provide proper and balanced nutrients to the body. You are more likely to achieve your fitness goals quicker if you are taking a balanced and nutritious diet. Experts recommend taking a fixed quantity of carbs, fats, and proteins each day with carbs and fats being the lowest. The carbs you take in a day can easily be burned off by vigorous exercising.