5 Ways To Minimize Email Attrition Rate

5 Ways To Minimize Email Attrition Rate

Decreases in email retention rate can be of real concern for businesses and has a great impact on profits – but alas! It is an inescapable and bound-to-happen event.
Not all hope is lost, though.

There are ways to decrease email attrition rate, considerably.


  • Create Your Own List & Maintain It

Buying mail lists is a common and fatal practice; it can lead to many problems. Acquired emails can be portal to dead accounts, spam traps and malicious addresses.

You will also have no guarantee whether the email addresses on those lists have gone under email verification. Also, you won’t have the recipient’s permission or acceptance.

Reduce attrition rate by organically acquiring your own list. To maintain the list quality, get a trustable email address verification service and get email address verification regularly.


  • Be Transparent – Use Double Opt in

To have voluntary subscribers interested in your content can be very crucial for the growth of your business.

It is better to have a clear and double-opt list where a person can have his email verified and be interested at the same time. Double-opts allow subscribers to confirm their subscription; statistics on digitaldoughnut show double-opting list increases list size by 51.3% as compared to a single-opt list.

Making your subscription form clear of any hidden conditions and stating in plain language why you need their email address can help reduce the rate of people unsubscribing to your business. There will be fewer back outs.


  • Have Immediate Contact With New Subscribers

In email marketing absence does not make the heart grow fonder. You should send an email immediately to new subscribers to remind them of your presence.

It is important to send a welcome email explaining what your business is, what kind of emails you mostly send and how they can manage their emails to get more relevant content.


  • Target Inactive Audience

Target inactive audience and new subscribers; entice them with promotional offers, deals, and other catchy content. Prod them every once in a while. Ask them for any potential problem, etc.

You should also provide an unsubscribe option to your emails in case they don’t want to hear from you; after all it is better to have a list interested contacts in your content than uninterested ones.


  • Make Unsubscribing The Last Resort

To reduce the rate of attrition it is important for the customers to have options other than unsubscribing. Options can include decreasing the number of emails weekly, opting out of some communications, switching to another channel with more relevant content or having communication via text.

According to hubspot, people usually unsubscribe when there is confusion regarding your product or business. Try getting to the root of the problem through customer feedback and then work on their complaints.


Reducing email attrition rate is mix of many changes and factors – do experiments with different stuff and keep on trying something new. You never know what will work.