A Look Into The Future: Mobile App Trends

A Look Into The Future: Mobile App Trends

On an average, a person spends 2.3 hours a day on mobile apps with a total number of app downloads up to 197 billion. Needless to say, the numbers are staggering and highly suggestive that mobile apps are not going anywhere. With the Apple Store and Google Play alike, boasting millions of apps, one can safely ask the question, what will be the future of mobile apps?


A chatbot is a program designed to have conversations with a human. Chatbots is powered by artificial intelligence and may live in online chatting apps such as facebook messenger, telegram, etc. These are understandably, a huge opportunity for a better online experience.  People can now get round the clock service from business that otherwise would not have been possible.
Apart from this, chatbots provide a unique opportunity by giving companies insights into user preferences etc.


People are demanding a more tailored to their needs experience. Let it be a mobile app developer or a marketer – personalization is one thing that will have to be a priority for all. Mobile app personalization includes giving the user an experience tailored according to age, gender, location, and other typical preferences.

Internet of things

The global market for internet of things and mobile connected devices will reach $457 billion by 2020. The figures are a glaring for all: mobile apps will include several hundreds of smart objects such as toys, appliances, equipments, and so on in future. Mobile phones will act as remote controls.

Already, Google has two projects Nest and Brillo, employing IoT. These projects are to manufacture smart home/office equipment such as smoke alarms, camera, and so on.

Playable ads

There is nothing worse than launching a mobile app and then have an advertisement jump in your face. Ads are what keep developers in business – they cannot be rid off.

What if these ads could be made interactive? We present you playable ads. In a survey by Statista, 46% of app publishers were looking forward to playable apps.

Playable ads give users opportunity to interact with the ad itself. Similarly, people can “test drive” the app in its ad before downloading it. No more disgruntled users and better conversion rates, we hope.

This potential accompanied with publisher excitement tells us playable ads are the future.

M-commerce game strong

M-commerce or mobile commerce is the practice of performing transaction through mobile phones. 2 billion People use their phones to shop online. By the end of 2018, it is estimated all 27% of all e-commerce sales will be through mobile phones.
Furthermore, the popularity of mobile based payment systems are going to increase the demand of m-commerce over credit and debit card payment; this jibe with the fact that making transactions through mobile phones is extremely convenient. It is a safe and easy method without the restrictions faced when transactions are made in person.
We definitely think more mobile apps will consider this factor in the future.