Boost App Download Via Influencer Marketing

Boost App Download Via Influencer Marketing

Mobile app industry of today is showing strong signs of growth, it means the competition is going to get higher. In this situation, standing out amongst competitors will become highly difficult – certainly not for app marketers with smart and newer strategies. One of the smartest marketing strategy that has always worked and surely going to work in future as well is Influencer Marketing.

Over the past few years, it has become highly prevalent techniques – brought success to several companies. Compared to other traditional types of marketing, influencer marketing is considered reliable by potential customers. Lot of people are open to trying out something new, if it’s recommended by some social influencer.


Defining Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a technique where “influencers” use their blog, social media channels, website or all three of them to promote a product or service. You can make this technique an important part of your mobile app marketing plan. It will help you market your app to thousands or even millions of people. With correct execution, it can do wonders!


Influencer Marketing can Benefit your App – Know How!

Effective Reach

Most influencers have specific type of followers, which is good for you as you would be able to spread awareness and promote your app in front of market that most likely want to download your app.  For instance, you will choose a fitness blogger/v-logger if your app is related to health and fitness.

According to recent statistics, around 74% of people turn to social media before buying any product or service. Finding an effective influence for your app can be very pleasing and worthwhile.

Credibility and Trust Building   

Influencers have already put so much hard work to build trusted and credible relationship with their followers. Your app automatically becomes credible when it is marketed by correct influencers. Statistics show that 92% of the consumers buy on influencer’s recommendation and not the brand itself.

Influencer marketing is slightly relatable to celebrity endorsement but there is difference between both.  A good influencer will take out time, try your and app and give genuine and unscripted guide to followers to add value to their lives, whereas the scenario is different in celebrity endorsement.

Selecting Dead-on Influencer

While looking for an influencer, make sure he/she has interest in your app. Before knowing target audience of the influencer, know your audience. Once you have known your market, you would be able to find dead-on influencer. Do not choose an influencer only because he/she has more number of followers, do your investigation, see engagement of the influencer with the subscribers by checking out the comments. Also, don’t hesitate to ask the influencer about information as it will help you make a better decision.

Is it an Expensive Choice?

The cost of the hiring an influencer differ greatly, however it doesn’t mean this is out of budget technique. If you have a small app to promote, you can use a less well known influencer or micro influencer and vice versa. The aim is to make people download your app and talk about your app.