Digital Marketing: A Beginners Guide

Digital Marketing: A Beginners Guide

Digital refers to online mediums and marketing refers to publicity of products to leverage monetary gains. This is exactly what digital marketing is: usage of online platforms to drive marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing though one term, encompasses a host of practices which further can be broken down into even smaller components. The wide range of rules and tactics involved can make the digital marketing arena look daunting and formidable. Fear not, there is a reason why digital marketing services exist.

Many businesses are benefiting by employing the correct digital marketing strategy and you can too. First, however, let’s breakdown digital marketing to better understand it.

  • Digital advertising

As in all types of marketing, advertising is the key to driving traffic. With this form of paid traffic, you can manage and direct attention to fit your campaign. Sources of digital advertising such as social media, and search engines can be highly lucrative for generating leads.

  • Search engine marketing/optimization

SEM and SEO marketing are both dynamic fields with rules shifting according to algorithms. The big picture of Search marketing may be split into two components. The technical side and the content; both matter equally and must be looked after to ensure a better search engine rankings of your website. For instance, if you ignore your website’s technical details, Google will automatically lower your ranking. Similarly, bad quality content will set you back, too. Neglecting either of the aspects will spell trouble for you.

  • Content marketing

“Content is king”, you might have heard. It sure is but what is specifically meant by digital content marketing? A common misconception about content marketing is that it only consists of digital marketing blogs. While we agree blog is important, it isn’t the only thing necessary.
Since the purpose of content marketing is to provide the right content at the right time, it envelops all things that provide consumer with awareness that leads to evaluation followed by conversion.

  • Social media marketing

Almost half of the world’s population uses social media. Therefore, including this platform in your digital marketing strategy is a must.
Social media marketing starts with targeting the most popular platforms. This is followed by keeping track of your brand reputation, and resolving any negative comments or feedbacks. After this, build strong networks so that when you put up offers, people pay attention.

  • Email marketing

Despite the rumors, email is nowhere near dead. It is an excellent method to get in touch with both B2B and B2C customers, though methods may vary. With order confirmation and transactional emails having the highest open rates, these emails are great windows of opportunity for displaying your products. Similarly, automated emails help target the audience when they are most receptive.

Who said email marketing was dead?

Convinced you need to hire a digital marketing company? We recommend you to do so, too. An SEO consultant paired with SEM marketing practices will bring the best of digital marketing to you.