If you ever wanted to be like John Travolta's character in "Face/Off" and wear Nicolas Cage's face, I have some good news for you — provided you have an extra 2 grand laying around. The folks at Legion M, one of the production companies behind the fantastic horror movie "Mandy," is selling a hyper-realistic Nicolas Cage mask molded on Cage's "Mandy" character Red Miller. The end result is kind of disturbing, and very pricey. But it might almost be worth it. 

Nic Cage Mask, Anyone?

You might casually glance at that image above and think, "Oh, that's Nicolas Cage." But no! That is, in fact, a mask. The mask comes from Legion M and FX artist Rubber Larry, and it's meant to represent Cage's "Mandy" character, Red Miller. Here's some more info: 

However, there are some catches. This isn't the type of mask you can scoop up easily in a Halloween Adventure or Spirit Halloween store. No, no, friends. This mask will set you back $1,999, and there are only going to be 30 of these babies made. There are 10 units ready to ship now. Once the 10 are sold, the remaining will be on pre-order.

The Psychotic Drowns Where the Mystic Swims

You probably need some more info about this thing before you decided to spend all that money, so here you go: 

But wait, there's more! 

Still need even more? Okay then. 

Alas, I just don't think I can fit this thing into my budget. But there's a part of me that will always long to have a hyper-realistic Nicolas Cage mask. Until that day comes, I'll just have to look at these images and dream. If you're in the market for a Nicolas Cage mask, or just want more details, head on over the Legion M site. 

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